Your Health Journey is Unique. Your Support Should Be Too.

Get Your GLOW Back!

Get Your GLOW Back!

I'm here to support busy women who are feeling drained, dealing with gut issues, and struggling with hormone imbalances. Instead of fighting against your body, I want to help you work with it so you can break free from constant dieting, shed those extra pounds, find relief from your gut issues and start feeling like your best you again. 


I'm Christine Baxter, Functional Nutrition & Health Coach.

My mission? It's simple: I’m here to make nutrition easy and guide you to what truly belongs on your plate so you can thrive. I'm all about being real with food and helping you strike a balance between life's chaos and healthy eating. And to stop your health from landing up at the bottom of your to-do list.


I help my client's to overcome:


Gut Health Issues  - move past the bloating and discomfort, specializing in IBD, IBS, constipation & food intolerances.

Hormone imbalances – restore calm in the chaos and change in life.

Low energy & Insulin resistance – boost your energy while taking control over your sugar cravings.


I believe in personalized nutrition, practical coaching and nourishing support tailored to you, I want you to feel connected to your body, regain control of your health by making changes that feel good and last. 


You don't need another diet or strong medications. What you do need is a plan that helps you take control of your symptoms and eat right for your body. I guide you from where you are now to where you want to be, one step at a time. It’s  your time to take back control of your health and waistline so you can live your best life.


  • I’m so extremely grateful to have gone through this journey with someone like you. The knowledge, guidance and encouragement is truly invaluable. It has taken me years and many unsuccessful endeavors to lose weight, keep it off and get my health back on track. It’s truly been life changing; the love and appreciation I’m learning to give back to my body is simply beautiful !! Thank you so much for the amazing work you do ❤️

    Megan Phelan

    Business Women & Mother

  • If it were possible, I'd rate Purpose Nutrition Consulting 10 stars. I felt bad all the time and didn't even realise it until I started my journey to wellness. and After 9 months, the results are undeniable. Now, I get compliments all the time and I find myself raving about my awesome nutritionist. Christine is the best support you could have physically, mentally and emotionally. If you are frustrated about your weight, general health or even trying to fall pregnant, there is hope and a great next step would be signing up with Purpose Nutrition Consulting! I no longer have a nutritionist, I have a friend!

    Joni Wessels

    Business Women & Mother

  • Working with Christine has made a life changing difference in my life, as this has not only been about loosing weight but changing my lifestyle by the way I eat, something I thought I wouldn't be able to do. I certainly will be continuing this journey with the goal of reaching my ideal weight through everything I’ve learnt. I’m so grateful for the knowledge and guidance these last 10 weeks. I certainly recommended Christine if you are struggling with your weight and hormonal issues.

    Desiree Armstrong

    Business Women & Mother

  • Dear Christine, I would like to take this opportunity to firstly, thank you for your professionalism, knowledge and constant motivation during my weight loss journey. Not only have I been taught the values of a healthy eating lifestyle, it has ultimately given me a second chance at life. Your program works wonders and with a positive attitude, it proves anything is possible.

    Allister Cummings

  • She has literally changed our lives for the better. Her enthusiasm for health and wellness is so inspiring, it makes you want to be healthy. Her extensive knowledge and willingness to share, using the highest quality supplements for your specific needs and caring, far exceeds the cost of a consultation. She has helped with family members in need and is always available to chat when I’ve needed advice on what to do. Thank you Christine for your sincerity and unique approach. I highly recommend Christine.

    Marj Amic

    Yoga Instructor & Business Women

  • I would recommend Christine to anyone struggling with food sensitivities. She helped me so much with finding ways to exclude all the foods I am sensitive to, and still have a healthy lifestyle with delicious and nutritious meals. Its a real struggle if your body does not allow to eat like a 'normal person', but Christine helps you find your own, healthy normal.

    Liezl Ann Visser


  • I have had an absolutely wonderful experience with Purposeful Nutrition! I have worked with Christine for several years and she is incredibly knowledgeable, kind and genuinely wants to help you reach your goals. She is always up to date with the latest nutrition research and helps you understand the reasoning behind certain food choices. I have seen huge improvements in my health while working with her. I highly recommend Christine 🍎

    Candice Maeder

    Massage Therapist

  • Christine has been very helpful to assist me with my health goals. I signed up for one of the packages and I am grateful for the support that I have received. The best part is that she looks at all aspects of health. I have already benefited from the changes that I have made in my lifestyle. Very good investment in a healthy lifestyle - to make sure that you are getting in the nutrients and looking at hormones balancing (often a forgotten aspect!)

    Anusooya Gosia

    Pharmacist & Entrepreneur

  • I attended a Purpose Nutrition webinar and was intrigued by the influence nutrition has on hormone imbalance. I then signed up for a programme and within 6 weeks of changing my diet and taking additional natural supplements I saw a difference in my health. I am grateful to Christine Lucas from Purpose Nutrition for the guidance and insights and highly recommend her as a nutritional therapist.

    Bavani Pillay-Govender

    Business Women

  • Working with you has been life changing and the best decision I have made for my health in years.

    Jo-Ann van Der Merwe

    Business Women

  • For years I had been struggling with constant fatigue. I had been fatigued for so long I just assumed this was my normal. After working with Christine I can say I have been able to get my energy back and to feel like myself again. She is also a kind person who genuinely cares about her clients, and this care and consideration for each person is a big part of what helps. I felt she cared about my health and she took time to talk to me about my day to day habits without any judgements. There are many day to day habits that can either cause harm or help. Christine worked with me to understand the types of habits I have that could be resulting in my fatigue. Working with Christine helped me identify what healthy habits were good for my body specifically. I'm the kind of person that likes to research and investigate a lot, and I tried to do what I thought was healthy on my own, but I caused more harm than good. There are lots of reasons your body could end up fatigued and gaining weight. Christine helped me figure out what was out of sync i.e hormones vs thyroid vs digestive system, and guided me to fix the ecosystems that were under strain.

    Cari Liebenberg

    Amsterdam, Netherlands

  • Christine changed my life. After my 10 weeks with her my hormones are better, I can finally sleep at night, my tummy is a breeze, I am still on my journey of learning but this far I have lost 10kg's. Christine taught me it a lifestyle not a diet, a marathon not a sprint. We celebrate the small victories and except the fact that there will be hard days but as long as I keep up the right principles this new lifestyle will be victorious.

    Chantal Cummings

    Business Women

  • I would highly recommend Christine Lucus from Purpose Nutrition Consulting. She has really helped me on my nutritional journey and I couldn’t be happier with my new lifestyle. She goes above and beyond to help her clients and is always answering all my questions. Thank you for the great advice and constant updates 🍊🥬🍎🍓☺️

    Stacey Lee Benjamin

    Business Women & Mother

  • Christine at Purpose Nutrition Consulting is such a pleasure to work with. Her passion for Nutrition and for helping people is so evident in the gentle and understanding manner is how she tackles each and every problem we have experienced. Christine has been consulting over my son for a few months now and although the lifestyle changes were relatively small the difference in his life and the way he behaviours is being noticed by everyone. My son is ADHD and by eliminating dairy from his diet and introducing some additional supplements we have already seen such an improvement in his concentration and "outbursts". The advise she has given us has even trickled down to the rest of the family and the grandparents. She is a pleasure to work with and her talks are always informative and relevant.

    Diane Dix

    Business Women & Mother

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