Understanding Food Intolerances

 An intolerance can affect the body up to 48 hours after contact with the offending substance, can be grown out of with a change of diet or lifestyle, and it attacks with IgG, or immunoglobulin G.

But with both an allergy and an intolerance, the immune system’s response to foreign bodies is what causes discomfort.

The question is, how and why does the immune system decide which offenders are worth attacking?

That’s where the gut gives us some insight…

When you’re afflicted with leaky gut – which can happen for reasons ranging from eating foods your body cant break down, bacterial imbalance, overuse of non-steroidal anti inflammatories, excessive alcohol intake, or even an overgrowth of yeast – your intestines become permeated.

That means that as you’re digesting food, and it’s travelling through the colon, if there are holes, loose joints, or rips and tears, particles of that food sneak through into the bloodstream.
The body is designed to react when something isn’t where it’s supposed to be. In fact, almost every time you experience a symptom, it’s because something in the body is out of place.

When the immune system (70% of which is housed in the digestive tract) senses the intruder, it develops the antibodies mentioned above.  And when you consider the fact that leaky gut affects a huge portion of the population who may not even be aware they suffer from it. It makes sense that we often develop intolerances to the foods we eat most frequently.  For example, if you’re a cheese lover, you may find after years of eating it that it now makes you sick – sore stomach, complex bowel movements, runny nose, cramps, etc. 

The best way to correct an intolerance is to take a break from the specific food  that you feel may cause you symptoms and use that time to heal your gut. Adding in prebiotics, probiotics and whole foods can fuel intestinal cell repair and go along way in replenishing and repairing your gut. 

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