Top 10 Simple Eating & Stress Hacks To Help You Survive The Holidays

Today I want to share with you some holiday hacks that will set you up for metabolic success, that come the new year there’s less need to recover in the first place.

I know for many people, recovering from the holidays can feel almost impossible starting early January. And as we get older and our metabolism slows down, it can feel like a big uphill climb to get back to our pre-holiday weight.

Establishing healthy rituals to manage your blood sugar, stress, metabolic function, and overall health can help you create a season with abundant ease and grace so you’re at your best to enjoy the celebrations!

  1. Set an intention for the month, knowing what your goal is and how to maintain where you are at. Whether it’s keeping up that walk that makes you feel good or any healthy habit that keeps you feeling healthy.

2. Plan time for moving your body, whether its that 10–15-minute walk after having eaten which help to regulate blood sugar levels or planning that hike or outdoor activity that brings you joy other than sitting on the couch day after day during the holidays.

3. To set yourself up success when going out to Christmas parties or gathering try to eat a small snack before you going out as this will help to curb your appetite while you are there. This can be some veggie sticks with humus r even some nuts. By doing this you will feel less tempted to overindulge.

4. When there is a buffet/ platter option be conscious of what you add to our plate instead of just piling it up. Skip the things you don’t love and don’t just put tuff on your plate just because. Make sure to include lots of veggies that contain fiber as well as protein to balance your plate. If you are going to go back for more go back for that salad or veggies, don’t add unnecessary carbohydrates to your plate.

5. Be mindful when you eat, take a few deep breathes before you start, savour each bit and set your fork down many times, or between each bite to help you to digest properly and this will help to curb over eating.

6. Be mindful of beverages, this is one of the primary reasons why we put on weight during the holiday season. The amount of sugar in beverages, cocktails, alcohol, sugary drinks etc can damage your metabolism. Reduce your sugar intake by creating your own non-alcoholic mocktails with sparkling water, lime, pomegranate seeds, citrus etc. Drinks can instantly spike blood sugar levels and specifically sugary syrups which can take 72 hours to normalise blood sugar levels.

7. Take the focus off food, take part in non-food focused activities such as experiences with the family, resting, being outdoors etc.

8. Bring your own healthy dish to the gathering and try healthy holidays swops. Download my holiday healthy recipe book to help you get creative in the kitchen and swop out some of those traditional dishes for health alternatives.

9. Addressing emotional eating, being aware and identifying your specific triggers. Sometimes being in family situations or surrounding where there are past exceptions, judgements and preconceived ideas to live up too. These can trigger an emotional eating trauma response and reactive behaviours. Being aware of these and focusing on your strengths will help you in overcoming and working through these behaviour patterns.

10. Investing in a digestive enzyme. Digestive enzymes help your body break down carbohydrates, fats, and proteins from food. When taken before a meal it can help the body process food more effectively reducing the symptoms of bloating, excessive gas and reflux. During the holidays, when I know I may be eating more than usual, I make sure to keep a bottle of digestive enzymes on hand to help my body properly digest all the delicious food and so I can enjoy my time at the table without feeling six months pregnant after.