My Story

Hi, I’m Christine

From Purpose Nutrition Consulting

I’m so glad to have you here and that you would like to connect. I’m wanting to share this with you because if you are like me and have walked a road of unanswered questions, countless doctors and harsh medications. I am hoping my story will help give you hope and encouragement that you are in the right place.

My passion for nutrition was birthed through many years of struggling with undiagnosed digestive disorders, constant fatigue and many unanswered questions about my health.

At first, I thought it was merely job stress, but my gut started to react in such unusual ways in general, every time I ate something it would result in excruciating pain in my abdomen, sometimes leaving me on the floor. I would generally bloat up from morning till evening, no fun looking pregnant when you are not! It felt like my gut had a mind of its own and that it would just do and react how it wanted, when it wanted. I felt constantly fatigued and low on energy, unable to carry on everyday life tasks, and because I knew no different this was what had become my normal. Any of this is sounding familiar…

I was first diagnosed with “slight IBS” but I knew there was more to it. My body wasn’t happy, it was fighting me and I didn’t have the answers to why. My health went from bad to worse and I felt helpless. I was already barely able to work, had zero social life and could eat only a select few foods without crippling pain and could barely get through the day with the limited energy I had.

After that experience I had lost all faith in doctors and attempted every diet under the sun, cutting out this and that, and it was exhausting.
It took 3 years of food elimination diets and self-diagnosing. After another frustrating coloscopy, abdominal MRI and a hospital stay that would never end. They finally discovered I had developed Crohns disease and IBS. Being relieved to have finally found the answer, but now I was to live my life on chronic medication, and not to mention future talk of bowel reconstructions?!

This is where my nutrition journey started, I left my corporate job to study nutrition full time and qualified as a Functional Nutrition and Health Coach. Through my knowledge and constant research, I was able to not only naturally balance my hormones and gain the energy I was missing back, but I got my gut to place where it could heal itself and no longer needed to be on chronic medication.

Throughout my own healing journey and I call it a journey because it is a process, I realised that I wasn’t the only one suffering and that there were many others who had fallen through the cracks and needed help.
And I know that feeling – you feel as you are running out of options for help; that nobody seems to believe you or know what to do.

I hope my story gives you the encouragement you need to choose to reclaim your health and find your sparkle again, because with the right guidance and support you can do it, and do it for yourself!

Read more about how you can work with me, and I look forward to chatting to you soon,