Group Seminars & Wellness Events

Purpose Nutrition Consulting focuses on preventative functional medicine as well as healing through nutrition and lifestyle. As a practitioner I have a great passion for nutrition and enjoy sharing my knowledge with others to help educate them in practical ways on how to use nutrition to be disease preventative and to strive for better health.

I host a series of workshops and seminars on health and wellness topics, many of which include immune system health, pH of the blood, Cancer & Alzheimer’s prevention, digestive and colon health, understanding and preventing hormonal imbalances, auto immune disease and a variety of other topics.

These talks can be tailor-make for health and wellness events, employee wellness and intimate gatherings. I aim to inspire and encourage attendees with practical advice and easy to implement recommendations on diet and lifestyle.

Seminars & workshops can be done both online or at an organised venue.

List of topics offered in our health & wellness talks:

  1. Dealing with Inflammation in the Body
  2. Immune Health & How To Naturally Boost It
  3. Understanding & Balancing Your Hormones
  4. Digestive & Colon Health – Dealing with Digestive Disorders
  5. Alzheimer & Dementia Prevention
  6. Cancer & Living Cancer Preventative
  7. Auto Immune Diseases Guidance
  8. Skin & Eye Health
  9. Acid & Alkaline in the Body for Disease Prevention
  10. ADHD/ADD, Learning Difficulties
  11. Child & Teenager Nutrition
  12. Understanding & Dealing with Diabetes
  13. Weight Loss & Healthy Weight Maintenance
  14. Sports Nutrition
  15. Liver & Kidney Health
  16. Lymphatic System & Detoxing the Body
  17. Seniors Nutrition


Group cooking classes for specialised diets, such as cooking for diabetes, vegan, health eating etc.

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