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The right nutrition may alleviate urinary tract issues, Candida overgrowth, cholesterol issues, inflammation and immune deficiency as well as assist with prostate issues and menopause.


Urinary tract infections (UTIs) are a serious health problem with more than 150 million reported cases each year worldwide. About 20 percent of women will experience a urinary tract infection sometime during their lives.

CranVerry+ is a unique combination of cranberry extract with proven benefits for urinary tract infections and three other active ingredients that have been shown through research to effectively inhibit Candida infections.

30 Capsules – R297.00
  • Cranberry extract plus resveratrol, mangosteen and beta-glucanase
  • Polyphenolic antioxidants in cranberries aid the entire body, particularly the immune system, gut, heart and brain
  • Maintains urinary tract health
  • Reduces the frequency of bladder infections
  • Inhibits the growth of the yeast candida
  • Beneficial for both women and men
  • Provides 500 mg of cranberry extract per capsule
  • All ingredients in CranVerry+ are non-GMO

Renewed Balance Cream

Renewed Balance Cream is a topical natural progesterone cream specifically formulated to help your body stay in balance.
It contains natural progesterone derived from the Mexican Wild yam plant (dioscorea), which is the same as the progesterone produced by the body. 
It is absorbed through the skin and into the bloodstream. It helps the body keep estrogen and progesterone levels in balance, resulting in relief from many of the symptoms of hormonal imbalance.

  • Body cream made from soothing, plant-based ingredients, including lemongrass oil, rosemary leaf extract and progesterone
  • Natural cosmetic easily absorbed through the skin and quick to deliver beautifying results
  • Helps in preventing Osteoporosis
  • Assists in addressing estrogen dominance
  • Protects against breast fibrosis
  • Helps to convert fat into energy
  • Is a natural anti-depressant
  • Helps balance thyroid hormones
  • Helps normalise blood sugar levels
  • Normalises zinc and copper levels
  • Protects against endometriosis and breast cancer
  • Helps in naturally balancing hormones
  • Prevents blood clotting
  • Restores libido
  • Assists with Hirsuitism – unwanted facial hair growth
  • Can assist with infertility, Endometriosis & PCOS
56g Jar – R406.00

ReAssure SP

The right targeted nutrition may alleviate benign prostatic hyperplasia (prostate enlargement), delayed urination, dribbling after urination, frequent nighttime urination, incomplete voiding and weak urine flow.

As men age, their prostate will often change. It may become enlarged or inflamed, which may result in a variety of difficulties with urination. AIM ReAssure® SP is a unique synergistic combination of herbal extracts that can assist in the maintenance of prostate health. Extracts used include saw palmetto berry extract, pumpkin seed oil, zinc nitrate, and lycopene.

60 Capsules – R380.00
  • Encourages urinary health and improves urinary flow
  • Natural ingredients that synergistically support prostate health
  • Inhibits overproduction of DHT, which can lead to BPH and prostate issues
  • Reduces frequency of bladder infections
  • Has antioxidant properties that help fight off free radicals
  • Acts as an aphrodisiac and uterine supplement
  • Improves enzyme efficacy
  • Each serving contains 320 mg of saw palmetto extract, 240 mg of pumpkin seed oil, 15 mg of zinc citrate, and 5 mg of lycopene

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