Real Health Episodes – DSTV Channel 176

Season 14: Episode 1 – Gut Health & Its Impact On Your Overall Health

In todays episode of Real Health on the Home Channel (DSTV 176), we discuss gut health and its impact on your physical, mental and overall health, along with some simple strategies you can implement to improve your gut health daily.

Season 14: Episode 2 – Taking A Closer Look At Hormonal Imbalances

In episode 2 we discuss the role that gut health plays in hormonal imbalances and how common health issues such as fibroids, PMS, PCOS and Estrogen Dominance can be positively managed and influenced through diet.

Season 14: Episode 7 – Low Energy & Top Tips To Increase Your Energy Daily

Struggling with low energy daily can ben debilitating, in this episode of Real Health, we look at some of the factors affecting low energy levels and share some key tips to help boost energy levels naturally.

Season 15: Episode 3 – Blood Sugar Balancing for Weight Loss, Insulin Resistance, Diabetes and Improved Health

Today I’m going to be sharing with you regarding a simple yet effective strategy that will help you to lose weight, increase your energy levels and improve your overall health. By using basic blood sugar balancing guidelines that works with the bodies natural design and not against it. It encourages sustainable results that will help you feel better than you have in years. Not only is it great for weight loss but can assist with managing insulin resistance, diabetes, hypertension and balancing your hormones. This healthy approach to weight loss is enjoyable, easy to follow, you never feel hungry, and will make you feel great with no rebound weight gain. So, lets jump right in

Season 15: Episode 5 -Chronic Skin Conditions, An Inside Out Approach

Your skin is the largest absorption organ of the body and can reveals secrets about your health, it can expose both illness and wellness. Many chronic skin conditions are linked to poor detoxifications and your gut health. In this episode of Real Health we explore how to address skin conditions by fixing your inner environment first.

Season 15: Episode 6 – How To Eat Healthy on A Budget

Today we are going to be chatting about how one can eat healthy well on a budget, displacing the myths that eating healthy is expensive. Here are some useful tips to help you to make healthier decisions when planning meals and guidance when grocery shopping that will allow you to still stick to your budget.